Catrina Halloween makeup: how to do it step by step

The catrina makeup is one of the most frequent choices when Halloween arrives. Since a few years ago, this type of Mexican-inspired skull can not be missed. The final result is spectacular, so if you want to be able to wear it this year, here we will show you how to do a Catrina halloween […]

The catrina makeup is one of the most frequent choices when Halloween arrives. Since a few years ago, this type of Mexican-inspired skull can not be missed. The final result is spectacular, so if you want to be able to wear it this year, here we will show you how to do a Catrina halloween makeup step by step.

Halloween makeup

Catrina Halloween makeup: What is it and what do we need?


A catrina makeup for Halloween can make you look like we were a Mexican skull on the day of the dead.

It is a type of makeup that stands out for covering your face with a white foundation, black eyes that are enhanced with details that recreate, above all, different flowers.

It is a type of elaborate makeup, although if you follow all the steps we are going to explain to you, you are sure to be able to do it by yourself without a problem and with spectacular results.

What do you need?

To make this type of makeup you will need the already mentioned white foundation, a black pencil, black foundation and perhaps other colors for the details of the flowers. The colors of these details can be to your taste. For instance, fuchsia, red or green.

Let’s see now how you can do this type of makeup so successfully for Halloween, step by step. We hope you like it and that you will comment and share your experience.

Catrina Halloween makeup: how to do it step by step


Let’s see now how you can make a Catrina Halloween makeup following the steps one by one. We will begin by washing our face and, once we have it clean and dry, we will proceed with the first step. Are you ready?

1-Step 1: We apply the white color foundation


Take a good amount of white makeup foundation. You can choose between a cream foundation, which spreads more easily and also covers more, or a stick foundation, which is a better choice for those who have oily skin. You can apply it by using a sponge.

Be careful and spread all the makeup evenly, but leave the area of the eyes without makeup.


Along with the white makeup foundation, you can also apply a few powders, such as those of the image (elf high definition powder) that will allow you to ensure your makeup and prevent it from moving.

2-Step 2: Do the eyes and nose makeup in black


Now it’s time to do the eyes and nose makeup in black. In order to do this, you can use a black pencil and draw a circle around each eye and to highlight the nose through a triangular shape. Then filled with a little black makeup, and with the help of a brush for it or a swab, you can lightly blur the eyes.

Step 3: Applying Pink Shade


If you want to give some «light» to your makeup we recommend a little powder or pink shadow in the area of ​​the cheeks and sideways. Apply the makeup from the top of your cheekbone and up with a small brush.

Step 4: Lips in pink


The pink lipstick will give you a much more stylish Catrina Halloween look. You can use a thick pink pencil or a pink lipstick . Mark and highlight the lips well so we can, later on, add something more black to your makeup to make it look better.

Step 5: Facial details


We will now proceed to create the details for the Catrina mask we want to wear. In order to do so, you can be inspired by these pictures. As you can see in these images, if you draw many details, you can stay more realistic and above all, you can be scarier.


By using a soft pencil, or an almost liquid eyeliner, you are drawing each and every detail in your Catrina face.

First, begin by drawing a small spider web on the forehead: three or four vertical stripes joined by vertical lines.

Then the details under the eyes (a few points), the nose (a few hearts) and the chin: drawing a small flower with leaves.

You also have to draw a line that goes through the mouth, marked with vertical stripes from one end to the other of the face.

Step 6: Color your Catrina makeup

We’ve just arrived to the step in which we need to focus the most on the details. In this step we have to focus on adding color to everything that we have drawn with the black pencil. We can use colors like yellow, blue (for the eyes), pink and green (for the flower of the chin).

To apply color you must use specific brushes that are not very thick and that allow you to be able to fill in the spaces without erasing the white or black foundation.

Step 7: Put makeup in your eyelashes


We finished our Catrina Halloween makeup applying a little mascara. In doing so, you will be able to highlight the look more, even if you have already applied all the color.

The mascara brands such as Maybelline is ideal since it is the one that brings more volume to your eyelashes.

Final resultsmaquillaje-catrina-halloween-como-hacer-paso-a-paso-resultado-final

And voila! This is the final result for your Catrina Halloween makeup. It most certainly looks like the one on the  picture or even better.

Remember that it is important that you add other details, such as a crown or a diadem of flowers, like the one that wears the model in the photo.

Catrina Makeup for Halloween | Other ideas

From what we have seen, we can even draw some new ideas for your Catrina Halloween makeup, that we hope will be able to inspire you.

Catrina makeup with red eyes


We have shown you how to do a Catrina Makeup for Halloween step by step with a blue eye shadow, but we can also do it in red. Truth be told, this color is usually one of the most frequently used colors, since we can combine it with the lips in red.

Or as we see in the photo above, we can use it to draw all kinds of elements in black and fill the spaced with that red color.

Catrina makeup with red eyes and contact lenses


To make your catrina makeup more dramatic this Halloween, you can also choose to wear some lenses as we see above.

It is not that they are necessary but if you do not want to paint too many elements in your catrina mask, you can choose to wear red eyes and lips and something else. In this case, lenses can be a good solution.

Catrina makeup with pink eyes


And to «cheer» more still your catrina makeup for Halloween nothing like giving her some vivid color with the color pink.

You see in the two photos above that to bet on this color means automatic success, whether we combine it with blue, as in the image on the left, or try to make a heart.

If you look at the photo on the right, you will see that the foundation frames a heart and that each eye has a different decoration with either a flower or a circle.

Catrina pin-up makeup style


Another way to show off your catrina makeup for Halloween is to imitate the style of the pin-up. If you want to imitate it, there is nothing like choosing a very bright red and black that can be used to draw details, such as the ones we see above.

For this type of catrina pin-up makeup you can also go for a hairstyle of that style, which will surely give your «look» the final touch.

Catrina makeup with a rose on the forehead


On the other hand, we can see the drawing of a flower on our forehead, like a rose. This can help us get the perfect result for our catrina makeup.

We can choose to apply a white makeup foundation all over the face, black makeup foundation on the nose, draw hearts, do the mouth’s makeup, wrap your eyes in red and finish up with a rose in our neck.

To draw the rose you will need some practice, but if you do not know how to, we advice you to take a pinch with black foundation and draw each leaf as if they were triangles. Then fill in the spaces with red and also paint the leaves at the sides, and fill them with green.

Halloween catrina makeup photos

We leave you a series of photos so you can see different examples of how to do the perfect catrina makeup for this Halloween.

Catrina makeup for Halloween


Before leaving you with a video that will give you more ideas on how to do this makeup, we will talk about how to remove that makeup.

Although you might think that it has to be difficult to remove all that makeup, the truth is that it is much easier than it seems. You only have to apply a cream base on your face, like nivea, and with a cotton remover you will remove all the makeup that you can.

Then with water and soap, you can eliminate the rest and, when everything is already outside, use a little moisturizer to recover and take care of your skin.

How to make a catrina makeup

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