Half face Halloween makeup: Step by step tutorial

Now we will explain how to do a half face halloween makeup. Halloween is the perfect time to disguise ourselves or do our makeup and be as terrifying as possible. But we also want to go in style. It seems like half-face makeup is currently killing it. If you want to be able to look your utter […]

Now we will explain how to do a half face halloween makeup. Halloween is the perfect time to disguise ourselves or do our makeup and be as terrifying as possible. But we also want to go in style. It seems like half-face makeup is currently killing it. If you want to be able to look your utter best make sure you read this tutorial that explains step by step how to get a half face Halloween makeup.


Half face Halloween makeup


The half face makeup consists on covering half of our face and, for Halloween in particular, people usually choose: a skull, catrina (such as Mexican skulls), or for example, a zombie character.

Half face makeup costume

If we choose this particular makeup we can actually wear a modern costume or even not have to do our makeup, because with that half face that has the makeup on, we will already look perfect for Halloween parties or Carnival.

Let’s see now how to make your half face halloween makeup.

Half face Halloween makeup: step by step tutorial


We start with the foundation and the eye

Pictures one and two: With a white face paint, we cover only the left side of the face, not the eye area or the tip of the nose.

Picture three: With a black face paint, we cover the eye area completely in black, even above the eyebrow.

Picture four: To make the color more thick and to avoid wrinkles you must use a long-lasting gel eyeliner to cover again what was painted in black in order to make it more opaque.

We paint the nose

Picture five: With the same gel eyeliner we will create a sort of tear in the nose, which should be completely black.

We paint the jaws

Picture six, seven and eight: With the color black you can create the jaw bone and makeup . You should start at the top of the ear and draw a line that goes down to the mouth and end up forming a C. That is as far as the teeth will come.

Picture nine: Paint a shadow in the interior of the C carefully in order to give the idea of depth.

We draw the teeth


Picture ten: Using a flat fan brush create a line from the corner of the mouth to the C we have just created.

Picture eleven: Turn the brush fan and you can start drawing straight vertical lines in order to achieve the teeth contour. You should start with the lips until you reach the drawing of the C.

Creating teeth with 3D effect

Picture twelve: To make the teeth as if they were in 3 dimensions you must create a sort of Y at the top and bottom of each vertical line. This is a good trick that gives the teeth more shape.

Picture thirteen: With a black eye shadow you can mix put the makeup around each tooth in order to make them stand out.

Picture fourteen: With a white eye shadow you can add depth to the teeth. You should take the time to get your teeth to look realistic, as this is the most dramatic aspect of the transformation!

Picture fifteen, sixteen and seventeen: With black eyeshadow and a fine brush you will be able to add details to your face, as if there were cracks in your skull, and thus achieve greater definition in your face.

Final touches

Picture eighteen: In order to give your half face makeup a really creepy look, you should end up doing the average makeup of the other side of the face.

You can maybe put on some red lipstic and apply some neutral eye shadow to the eye.

Half face Halloween makeup | Other ideas

After having seen the step-by-step tutorial of this half face makeup for Halloween, we can go on to discuss other ideas that you will also love.

Medium face Mexican skull makeup


We’ve seen a tutorial on how to do a half face makeup for Halloween based on a skull, but we can choose a different style for something more «festive», such as the makeup above.

The Mexican-inspired skulls are trending among Halloween makeup fans, so we can choose to paint half our face this way.

In order to do so, you can cover half of your face with a white base and then dedicate your time to paint your eye with dark shadow and draw a design that can resemble a flower.

With the aid of an eye pencil do the mouth makeup as well, making lines as if they were stitches, and also adds details with a red eye pencil.

You don’t need to do an over the top makeup on the rest of the face, just put some red lipstic on and you are ready to go!

Half face skull with black eyes makeup


Similar to the makeup we saw earlier, this other half face makeup allows us to be half human, half skull.

The steps to follow are the same as the ones in the tutorial we mentioned above: cover your face with white makeup… Although in this example we see how the black eye is much more marked.

In addition to that, we can spread some of our black makeup on the forehead as if it were a part of our marked skull.

The mouth is also quite more enhanced because after having drawn the teeth, the rest of the area is painted in black.

Half face Frankenstein makeup


This other option seems to me the most original. This is a half face makeup for Halloween inspired by the character of Frankenstein.

We cover half the face in green, and then we have to draw lines to define were the makeup ends and also to add small crosses as if it were sewn.

In the area of ​​the eyebrow we can paint with some artificial blood, and also add a few clips or needles as if we had stuck them there (we can paste special glue).

Half face wounded makeup


We can also make a wound thata can take half the face. You will need a certain type of silicone- a silicone we can apply on the face- and then some white makeup to simulate wrinkled skin.

The edges of the wound can also be defined with a red line, as if it were blood. With a black pencil you can also draw staples all over our face.

Half face Halloween makeup photos

If you want to see other options, we have this photo gallery, with the most diverse half face makeup ideas for Halloween.


Half face Halloween makeup | How to remove makeup

We have already seen how to do a half face Halloween makeup, but now we are going to explain how to remove it.

Makeup remover products

It is best to remove this makeup, and any other fancy makeup that you do, with a good cleaning based on soap or milk make-up remover. Above all, the use of an eye make-up remover is essential.

The good thing about makeup

Think that if you have a routine to remove your makeup, even if it is not halloween, you will always ensure that the skin is perfectly clean, and that it will also remain well balanced, smooth and moisturized.

How to remove makeup

1. To remove the makeup you have to use first a cleanser product and massage the face directly with the product, even the half that does not have the halloween makeup on.

2. Take a cotton swab, and wipe both sides of the face, removing the makeup on the eyes, nose and jaw.

3. Once, you have removed a big part of the makeup, pick up the cleanser again and massage again the face, making sure that any excess is gone and making sure your face was thoroughly cleaned!

Half face Halloween makeup | Mexican skull


Mexican skulls are fashionable and, as such, it may be the type of half face halloween makeup you want to wear this year.

Therefore, we want to show you two examples that we find inspiring and that you can see in the photo above.

1-Mexican skull in blue

First we can draw a Mexican skull in one side of our face, as we see on the left side of the image.

You should apply, as we’ve already mentioned, a white foundation and then, aside from blue eye makeup shadow, in addition to that, we can paint half of the nose black.

The eye can be decorated as if it were a flower, and also paint a few lines, right next to the mouth and that go up to the ear. You can also draw a spider web on the forehead.

2-Mexican skull with details

In the right side of that same photo, we can see a half face halloween makeup that also recreates the look of Mexican skulls but in more detail.

You can draw different details as if they were small «S», and draw a line from the front to the chin. This line divides the face in two.

Video of half face Halloween makeup

We have already explained how you can do, and undo, your half face Halloween makeup. Nevertheless, we leave an explanatory video:

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