Step by step Death Halloween makeup

Halloween is a time of celebration in which we all seek to be able to scare the world with our costumes and with our makeup. Surely you have give it some thought, and perhaps you want to go as something truly scary this year, something as terrifying as Death. That’s why we’ve decided to explain in this article how to do a Halloween Death makeup step by step.


How to do your very own Death makeup for Hallowen | What do you need


Doing a Halloween makeup is a laborious, if not impossible thing, because of the amount of paint that it requires. But tthe truth is that if you have black and white makeup, you can make a perfect makeup that allows you to look as if you were the real Death in person.

Death makeup or dead makeup for Halloween

Another type of Death Halloween makeup that we will also explain is a makeup that can also be used as a dead costume.

That means you can celebrate Halloween as if you were truly dead. In order to do so, you will need a good make-up of a clear shade to give the haggard effect, plus shade to make dark circles and make-up to create the dead effect on the entire face, drawing attention to the lips.

Let’s see how you can do this type of Halloween makeup for the two above mentioned options.

Step by step Death Halloween makeup


Firstly, we’d like to explain how to do a Death makeup so you can disguise yourself as Death for an event. It is in fact a type of makeup similar to that of a skeleton. In order to do so, you only need:

  • White base
  • Black pencil
  • Black makeup

Step 1: Cover with white base

We start by covering our face with a white base. They either sell base cream or a stick foundation, choose the one that suits you best, although the cream covers more with less amount, while the stick (like the photos) creates a more «natural» look.

Step 2: Draw with an eyeliner pencil

Once you have the white base well distributed over the face and neck, pick up an eyeliner pencil and draw, as you see in the picture above (the second to the right), a circle around each eye.

You can also draw two small triangles in the area of ​​the nose and, as a final touch, you can make a line that goes from ear to ear across the lips. In addition to that, you can make a few vertical lines that cross the whole mouth and sides.

Step 3: Fill with black makeup

Then you can put the black makeup on. You should choose a stick foundation, because it’s better to cover and fill all the empty spaces that have been drawn with the pencil.

You should do your make up without fear but also be very careful when it comes to the area of ​​the eyelids and under the eyes, as well as the nose and the mouth. For this you must make a line somewhat thicker than the one you did the first time.

Step 4: Final touches

To finish up this makeup, you must take into account and focus on the small details. Look at the shadow lines that come out of the eye area, right where the eyebrows are. You can draw it with the eyeliner pencil and then mark it with the black stick foundation. In addition to creating that shadow effect, you can spread the eye shadow and the black foundation with a swab or if you prefer you can do it with your finger but make sure to wash your hands first.

Finally make the details of the mouth with two more lines, one up and one down, of the central that crosses the lips and also spread it a little.

Step by step Death Halloween makeup | To go as a corpse


Another thing other than Halloween death makeup, will be doing a makeup that makes you look like you’re dead. With this makeup you can pretend to be a corpse for the day.

We have the photo above to be able to inspire you to do this type of makeup that is much more «elaborate» than it seems at first glance, although as we always say: «it is not impossible».

Step 1: The white base

As in the previous case scenario that we have explained above, we have to cover the face with a white foundation, although in this case we do not have to put too much makeup on. You have to make sure that the result doesn’t look very thick due to the foundation. It is best to put a small amount of foundation.

You should know that you can buy this foundation in any costume shop. Apply the foundation evenly all over the face, on the neck and even on the shoulders.

Step 2: Eye shadow

Our eyes must look like those of a corpse and for this we must draw lots of dark circles and above all get a haggard effect. To do so, you must take a dark or gray base and apply it on top of the white base both the upper eyelid area and the dark circles.

Then apply a pinkish and even lilac shadow in the corner of ​​the eye, the part of the eyelids and very lightly on the cheekbones.

Step 3: The haggard effect

Our emaciated corpse effect can be completed by applying a little bit of black or gray shadow, or powder in a dark color. You should apply them in the area of ​​the cheeks, in order to create the effect that your face has sunk inwards.

You can also apply a little bit of shadow on the neck area, shoulders and also on the forehead.

For the lips, you will have to apply a little bit of pink shadow, or even better, we recommend that you leave them as natural as possible. In case you have lips that are maybe too red, you can paint them with white makeup and then apply some lilac or pink shadow.

Halloween Death makeup | Other ideas

After explaining two ways of doing your Halloween Death makeup, we want to inspire you with other ideas like the ones you can see below.

Halloween Death «broken lips» makeup


Another option for our Halloween death makeup is to imitate the «broken lips style»: a white base and a special touch on the lips. For this reason, we can choose a soft red-carmine color that we can then mix with a darker color, as we see in the image above.

Why the lips? Well, one of the main changes when one dies is that the person’s lips are of a lilac color. We want to achieve this effect with the option we give through the photo, although the effect is a little bit more dramatic.

For the eyes, you see that we also have to apply some dark shadow in order to achieve a similar effect as if we had dark circles.

Halloween Death «lips with teeth» makeup


Similar to the above, we have this other death halloween makeup, which also reminds us quite a lot of The Corpse Bride. The base is again completely white and we then have to grab a black eyeliner and draw next to the lip, and on them, that kind of strip of teeth but not as marked as in the ideas above.

In addition to that, the eyes also have a very specific makeup although we have to apply a shadow, or two, in dark colors in order to achieve that «smoky» effect and look much more scary.

Halloween Death «broken face» makeup

As if our face had been broken when you were brought back to life, this makeup is perfect for Halloween as well as very easy to create.

To do this makeup, you must cover the face (and neck) with a white foundation, but not all of it. Leave a part without makeup.

The area of ​​the face in which you haven’t applied a white foundation, must be full of line drawings as if your face was covered in cracks.

Also apply red lipstic to the side if your lips that has no white foundation, and also do the makeup of the eye that is not covered in white with a little bit of eye shadow and eyeliner.

Halloween Death «zombie style» makeup

We can also make a zombie-style Death makeup, as zombies are still undead.

We begin by applying the white foundation and then, with a mixture of dark shadow and some artificial blood, we make the dark circles and that emaciated effect, such as the one we see in the image above.

Halloween Death makeup photos

We leave this gallery of photos for more ideas for Halloween Death makeup. This gallery will undoubtedly allow you to find many more options to inspire this Halloween’s costume and makeup.

Video on how to do a Halloween Death makeup

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