How to do an unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look

The unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look can be one of the most amazing makeups you can choose to wear when celebrating this Halloween or the carnival. We can elaborate this type of makeup in a simple way, although there are various designs we can be inspired by. In this article, we will explain how to do an unzipped zipper […]

The unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look can be one of the most amazing makeups you can choose to wear when celebrating this Halloween or the carnival. We can elaborate this type of makeup in a simple way, although there are various designs we can be inspired by. In this article, we will explain how to do an unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look

Doing an unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look can be a great success if we know how to do it. If we want to do it, we just have to draw the zipper on the face, but for spooky results it is always better to use a real one.

How to do it?

If you want to impress everyone this Halloween, just do a makeup that looks like you’ve unzipped your face with a zipper, so you will need one that is real.

You can take a zipper from all kinds of clothes, such as jackets, and then you stick it to your face. You might be wondering how to do so but don’t worry because it’s easy.

You should start by cutting a zipper, which you then stick as we will now explain, and do the makeup of the area inside. You can use one color or your imagination.

The different options of a makeup zipper

This type of makeup will be perfect for a night like Halloween but also, for special occasions. You don’t even need a costume if you do your makeup like we will explain below. Images sometimes are better than words, that’s why we explain below in a small tutorial a simple way of doing this makeup with spectacular results.

In addition to that, you will see another tutorial for those who want to wear an unzipped zipper Halloween makeup that gives them a fantasy look.

Makeup Halloween zip | How to do it

If you wonder how to make an unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look, you can be inspired just by reading the following instructions step by step.

What do you need to do your makeup?


  • A zipper
  • Spirit Gum or facial glue (it is used to attach the zipper to your skin)
  • Spirit Gum and Remover (to remove the glue from the face)
  • Toilet paper (The thiner it is the better)
  • Red face paint
  • Black eyeliner
  • Fake blood

Let’s see the step by step instructions

1-Start with the zipper

The first thing we have to do is to apply a moisturizer so that the face is ready for everything we are going to apply on top.

Undo the zipper of your choice and you will realize that it’s quite long. You must measure it so that you can place it for example in one of the eyes.

Mark with a black eye pencil where the zipper will be. In doing so, you can do the makeup of the inside of the zipper with paint.

Take the facial glue, put it on the zipper and stick the zipper to the face . Use some tape to finish sticking the zipper.

Once you’ve realized you already have the zipper stuck to your face, remove the tape.

2-Apply foundation

We begin to do the makeup, which means that we have to apply the foundation that we’d normally use for the whole face. In fact, this time you also have to apply it all over the face.

You don’t have to put too much makeup in the unzipped side of the face, but if you want to you can apply some eye shadow.

3-Apply red paint

In the unzipped area we can start to paint with red paint and you can help yourself with a brush.

4-Apply toilet paper

Grab some toilet paper and cut it into small pieces. Then you can glue it with facial glue.

Once you have stuck the paper and you have checked that it stays put, you can start painting again in red, but very carefully.

Also, take the black eyeliner and make a few random lines on the toilet paper . This will help create depth.

You can also add some fake blood with the help of a cotton swab.

5-Apply more fake blood

In fact, for this type of makeup using fake blood is essential. You can put it both inside the wound and around the zipper.

The fake blood is the element that can give you the most realistic ans spooky appearance among all the makeup ideas we are explaining.

At this point you’re done! There are a few extra things you can do, such as drawing dark circles around the other eye or putting more fake blood on the rest of your face.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup | A fantasy look


We can do the very same unzipped zipper Halloween makeup but with a fancy look. The only thing that changes is the makeup of the unzipped area.

Instead of painting it red, we can do our makeup with a lilac or blue color, for example. The brighter, the better.

Apply glitter

You can also add some glitter and apply some brightness or eye shadow to create a fancy look.

We want to inspire you through the photo above. The makeup is similar to the one we’ve explained before, except from the zipper, which here is placed in the contour of eyes, nose and chin.

In fact, it is not far from what was explained before, since the way you stick the zipper is the same. Bare in mind that you should also apply cream beforehand.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup looks | Other ideas

We have seen how to make your unzipped zipper makeup for this Halloween very realistic and with a fantasy look, but these are not the only options. We want to show you more in the following paragraphs.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup Little Red Riding Hood/wolf look


The truth is that creating a zipper makeup is quite elaborate and complicated, but if you want to be able to surprise everyone there’s nothing like doing something similar to what you see above.

An incredible costume of Little Red Riding Hood and wolf. You must do two makeups, on one side of your face a Little Red Riding Hood makeup and on the other side, a wolf makeup.

Put black or dark brown makeup around the area of ​​your nose, chin and even one half of the face (the unzipped half). Then paint the nose black to make it look like the nose of an animal.

You can also imitate the tusks of a wolf and if you want to make your mouth more realistic, place a little bit of cotton under the upper lip.

As for the rest of the face, you can choose to do a quite simple makeup so that the wolf side of your face stands outmore. Of course, you will need to stick a zipper.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup rainbow look


On the other hand you can try something easier, which is to go for different colors. In order to do so, before sticking the zipper as we’ve explained before, you can do the makeup of an area of ​​your face with all the colors of the rainbow.

Do the makeup of the eye area and part of the face with different colors. You can choose  the ones of the photo or the colors you like, and then stick the zipper so that it is unzipped and you can see all the colors.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look: mouth zipper

It is not necessary to put all Halloween makeup on the sides of the face or in the eye area. In fact, the mouth is a good area as well. You have an example in the picture above.

We can stick a zipper on the edge of our mouth and do the makeup there, as we see in the picture. You can imitate this example with some black paint, sticking pieces of paper as if they were broken teeth, and some fake blood.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look

The truth is that the unzipped zipper Halloween makeup allows you to come up with things as incredible as this makeup we see above, which requires a little more experience.

Anyway, it is a good example of how we can surprise people this Halloween and wear the most original costume ever.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup photos

If you want to see more images of unzipped zipper Halloween makeup looks, we leave these other options.

Unzipped zipper Halloween makeup look | How do I take it off


A special issue that we want to talk about in this post, is how to take off the makeup and, in particular, how to remove the zipper. You should never pull to remove the zipper. Remember that you have stick the zipper to your face, so you’ll need something else to help you take it off.

For that we have the Spirit Gum Remover, the product that will help you take off and remove traces of glue.

With the help of a swab, or a small cotton, we throw some product over the zipper and then we put it under the zip as well. So little by little is how you will be able to remove all the glue and remove the zipper.

Then you can begin to removewhat’s left of the makeup, with the help of a little bit of makeup milk, or with soap and water.

Remember to apply, once you have finished, a little bit of moisturizer.

If it is difficult for you to remove the toilet paper you have stuck, you can always moisten cotton with a little micellar water and apply it.

Video on how to do an unzipped zipper Halloween makeup

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