Quick and easy Halloween skull makeup

Surely when choosing between one makeup costume and the next, you are looking for the perfect most terrifying makeup of all. We will suggest one that can help you be as terrifying and that we will be explaining while talking about a quick and easy Halloween skull makeup. Quick and easy Halloween skull makeup A […]

Surely when choosing between one makeup costume and the next, you are looking for the perfect most terrifying makeup of all. We will suggest one that can help you be as terrifying and that we will be explaining while talking about a quick and easy Halloween skull makeup.


Quick and easy Halloween skull makeup


A Halloween skull makeup is one of the best and simplest costume makeups that can be done for a celebration like Halloween. With this makeup you will hardly be in need of a costume or disguise. In fact, if you wear a black cape or you are all in black, people will soon realize who you are.

How to make a skull makeup for Halloweeen

A Halloween skull makeup is based on two colors: black and white. If you apply them correctly, as we explained below, you can look spectacular and it’s also a quick and easy way to do it.

Then we will want to make our makeup more elaborate with other elements or details. All this will turn it into a Mexican skull that we will mention later.

Halloween skull makeup: Quick and easy to do | Step by step

Let’s see how to make your skull makeup in a simple way, following all these steps.

Step 1: Get the skin ready


Apply a moisturizer to prepare the skin. Any brand can be used but do not apply too much.

Step 2: Let’s begin to draw


Draw the outline of the eyes and nose with a beige or white pencil. Because if you start with the black pencil and make mistakes, it will be harder to hide them.


Start with the white foundation. Use a sponge that allows you to apply the color around the eyes and nose.


Now use a black eyeliner to draw the outline and fill the spaces with a black pencil.

Apply a little bit of black eye shadow to finish filling and prevent it from shining.

Step 3: Draw the teeth


Let’s draw the teeth with the black pencil.

You must begin in the middle of the mouth and make a fine line that crosses your mouth and goes beyond the corner of your lips.

You can spread it with the help of a cotton swab or a brush.


You must draw and blur stripes that cross the first one you have made, and for this you must also do it on the sides.

Step 3: Draw the bones


With the black pencil you can draw the bones. Bare in mind that they do not have to be perfect. Then fill and fix with eye shadow and you can add some details.

Step 5: Add volume


Add some more white paint to create some contrast and volume both on the sides, same as on the eyes and nose.

Step 6: Give the final touch to your makeup by applying a little powder


With a little translucent or transparent powder, you will get your skull makeup ready to go and perfect.

Step 7: Add Eyebrows


You can also add eyebrows. To do this draw very gently with the black pencil in the inner corner of the eyebrow and blend with the help of a rod.

Halloween skull makeup | Products that have been used

If you liked this easy tutorial and you want to know what products have been used, here is the list:

  • Black pencil by kiko
  • Sephora Waterproof Black 12-Hour Pencil
  • Hema black eye-liner
  • Black eyeshadow by Kiko n ° 180
  • White TV paint stick
  • Hema Sponge, Kiko, Muji … whatever!
  • MAC powders
  • Beige pencil from Paris Berlin

Halloween skull makeup | Other ideas

After seeing the step by step tutorial on how to do the perfect skull makeup, we have some other ideas that you may like.

More makeup


From what you have seen so far, we can choose to do a much more dark skull makeup to wear this Halloween.

In order to do so, you will need the face to be covered in darker foundation or to enhance the areas that have this color.

Therefore, you can draw much more the nose, the eyes, and of course, mark the cheekbones and the line of the mouth.

Half face skull makeup


If you like skull makeup but consider that it is perhaps too «gloomy», even for Halloween, we can choose to just paint or draw half of the face.

In doing so, you will make your costume and makeup more original. You just have to split your face in two by drawing a line.

You can cover one half with white foundation and make the marks and lines as we indicate in the tutorial.

The eyes and nose makeup will be done the same way, although the part of the face without skull makeup could go perfectly in red.

Skull «comic style mouth» makeup


On the other hand, we can choose to give great importance to the area of ​​the mouth and leave aside the white foundation and dark eyes and do something similar to what we see in the picture above.

In doing so, that is choosing to do a skull mouth makeup, you now can cover the lower half of your face white and cover the nose in black. Also, do not forget the teeth. You can actually draw the teeth with a  black foundation or eyeliner.

Broken skull makeup effect


As we saw before, the makeup doesn’t necessarily has to be applied to the entire face. Moreover, we can draw with a black pencil a line that makes our face look like it had been «broken» and we coud now see the skull.

Simple skull makeup


And if you are looking for a Halloween skull makeup that is truly simple, we suggest you try this other example.

You just have to draw a triangle in the nose, which you then paint in black. Also, you can draw a line for the mouth in order to make the teeth.

Halloween skull makeup photos

We give you other ideas on how to make the skull makeup for this Halloween with the following photo gallery.


Halloween skull makeup | How to remove makeup

Once the excitement of wearing this halloween skull makeup is over, we have to start thinking about how we are going to wash and clean our face.

Do not worry because it is also an easy task. It’s as easy as the steps explained to apply the makeup.

Black eyes makeup

1-The first thing we do is focus especially on the eye area, as it undoubtedly is the area with more makeup of the whole face.

With a special product to remove eye shadow and makeup, you must soak a cotton well and pass it through the area to remove makeup. Do not drag too hard (we do not want you to run out of eyelashes).

Face makeup

2-Once you have removed the first layer of black of the eyes, you can begin to remove the rest of the makeup on other areas. There is nothing better than a cleaning milk for this. You should focus on the areas where you see that there are more layers of makeup, that is, on the eyes, nose and sides.

Revitalizing the skin

Once you have completely removed the makeup of your face, you have to make sure that your skin is going to look good and for that nothing is better than applying a little facial tonic (you can also finish removing makeup and before the tonic with the help of a little micellar water that has become a great ally for many of us when we want to make sure we have completely washed away the makeup).

Halloween Mexican skull Makeup

Sugar Skull

Before we finish the article we would like to show you some ideas on ​​how to make our Halloween skull makeup. This is why we want to explain how to do a Mexican skull makeup. The truth is that the Mexican skill is quite elaborate, but you can do a decent job if you take into account what we have explained so far.

From our black eyes, we can draw with a black pencil a flower, and then fill with a pencil in the color that we like. It might as well be the lilac color you see in the photo or if you want red, pink…

You can draw more flowers on the face, similar to those of the eyes, or if you prefer you can glue small fake dimonds.


You can also do something similar to what we see above. Once you have all the makeup that we explained in the tutorial on, you can take a pencil and draw a spider web on the forehead, a flower on the chin, and add all those bright details around the eyebrows, eyes, forehead and face.

Video on how to do a Halloween skull makeup

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