How to do an incredible Skeleton Makeup for Halloween step by step

One of the best makeup choices we have for Halloween is the skeleton. This is a scary type of makeup and if we do our skeleton makeup carefully, we can achieve terrifying results. Therefore, we will explain how to do an incredible skeleton Halloween makeup for Halloween step by step. A skeleton makeup for Halloween If […]

One of the best makeup choices we have for Halloween is the skeleton. This is a scary type of makeup and if we do our skeleton makeup carefully, we can achieve terrifying results. Therefore, we will explain how to do an incredible skeleton Halloween makeup for Halloween step by step.


A skeleton makeup for Halloween


If you want to be able to look incredibly terrifying this year, take our advice and do a skeleton Halloween makeup that can scare all of your friends and acquaintances.

Solely with two colors (black and white) we can begin to do a makeup that can be more or less elaborate but always with incredible results.

How to do our skeleton makeup

We must do the eyes, mouth and nose properly. Although we may need the help of different brushes, the basics you will be using are:

  • White foundation makeup
  • Black foundation makeup

With these two sole elements you can do this wonderful makeup and look like a skeleton. Everyone will be gobsmacked!

Incredible skeleton Halloween makeup: Step by step

Step 1: Apply white foundation


With a white foundation, that can be a cream or stick, we apply what will be the base of our skeleton mask. You should cover everything but the area of ​​the eyelids and eyes. Some people like to start differently but we will explain that later.

It consists on taking a black pencil and mark the area of ​​the eyes and the nose, so that we can leave those areas unpainted and, thus, know where to paint in black.

Step 2: Do the eyes makeup


With a black liquid eyeliner or black face paint and by using a brush, you can do the eyes makeup.

Make a large circle and color everything in black. Bare in mind that if you close your eyes the whole thing should look like a black hole.

Step 3: Do the nose makeup


Once we have filled the eye sockets, we go to the nose. First we can begin by painting a rhombus or a triangle.

Start by applying black face paint around the tip of the nose, although you can also do it with eye shadow or an eyeliner.

You can also add some color to your neck if you wish.

Step 4: Mark the side lines


With a black eyeliner, draw a line from your ears to your cheeks. It is also necessary to widen the corners of the mouth.

Try not to lean in too much because you may take some white paint off. You should draw the lines carefully and watch your pulse.

Step 5: Do the mouth makeup


Drawing the teeth is quite important when doing the mouth makeup. You have to draw vertical lines from the top to the bottom of the lips.

Bare in mind it is also necessary to extend the corners of the mouth in the line you have already drawn.

Step 6: Finish the sides


Once we have done the mouth makeup, we can begin to add the final details. In order to do so, we have to define the sides.

With the help of a slightly thicker brush- that we’ve already used before to paint the lines- we will be able to fill in the lateral semicircle that we have painted.

Then draw a line and repeat that same process on the inner side. In doing so, as we see in the image above, you will be able to imitate the shadows that’d appear in your fake skinless cheeks.

Step 7: Final result


This is the final result for our skull makeup for Halloween, but before you are done you should know you can add some details.

In order to do so, you can add the final touch, such as colored shadows or fine black lines around the hairline and chin.

What if you want depth?

If you take a look, this skull makeup for Halloween includes some shadows that give depth to the makeup.

This is due to the fact that these small shadows are made by blending the color black that we have applied to the sides and the shadows, both near the mouth and above and below the eyes.

To do this, you can spread with a cotton swab the black color you’ve already applied.

Another choice may be to get black new paint and apply it by dabbing. You should apply very little and then you blend with the finger or with a swab.

Skeleton Halloween makeup | Other ideas

Skull Makeup 3D effect for Halloween


How to do a skull makeup step by step, which we have already seen, is easy to get, although we can always choose to do something more elaborate as we see in the image above.

This nice skull makeup for Halloween features a three-dimensional effect ideal to scare everyone on Halloween.

This certainly requires some practice if we want to do this type of makeup but we can get it «experimenting» with the effects of using white and black shadows.

So, if you do the cheekbones makeup and blend it a little on the sides and also lengthen the mouth painting beyond the corner of the lips in black, you will be able to give a little more depth to your makeup.

Black eyes skull makeup on Halloween


On the other hand, we can influence the eye makeup that we do, and thus, we can paint a more intense black.

With this, if you reach almost to the cheekbone, you will realize how deep your eyes are.

In addition, when you close them you can create that skull effect, as we see in the image. People will be under the impression that you really are a skull.

Half face skull makeup for Halloween


The skull makeup for this halloween does not necessarily completely cover the face. In fact, you can cover only half of the face.

So, you can do as you see in the picture above and only do the makeup of half of the face, with a white foundation and separating with lines up to the middle of the nose.

You have to paint the area of ​​the nose in black and also paint the sides of the face to create that effect of depth that we mention all the time.

Mexican skull makeup for Halloween


It’s also a good idea to do a Mexican skull makeup as it is one of the latest trends in Halloween makeups.

It consists on applying a white foundation and then we can do all kinds of details in black and blue, do the nose makeup, the area of ​​the lip or draw a small spider web on the forehead.

In the area of ​​the eyes, we can paint in blue as well, which might make believe that we have a flower in each one of them.

Skeleton makeup Halloween photo gallery

Halloween skeleton makeup Video

We have already seen how to do this skeleton makeup for Halloween, explaining each step and giving several ideas. If you want to see it too, you can watch this video:

How to remove a skull makeup for Halloween


Most certainly everyone will have complimented you on your skull makeup but once Halloween is over, you have to start thinking of removing it and doing it right.

It is important to know how to remove all the makeup. For instance, if you lie down with the makeup on and you have oily skin you can wake up with red pimples all over your face.

The important thing is to know that, in order to remove this type of makeup, moreover when it has been applied with a cream or stick , you will need some makeup remover.

There is nothing like a little makeup milk or a cream, such as Nivea, which you will surely know, to remove the makeup. With it you can remove all the makeup easily.

To do this it you have to put a good layer of Nivea on the face and then, with the help of a cotton, you can start removing all the makeup.

Little by little you will see how you are removing white and black paint, all at once. Apply as much Nivea as you need, and eliminate all makeup.

When you recognize your face, you can finish removing the makeup with a little bit of water. For this task, there is nothing better than micellar water.

The micellar water is a product that allows you to eliminate the traces of makeup better and prepares the skin so that it can recover through moiturising.

After this, you can soak a cotton in facial tonic and then you can apply it dabbing all over the face.

As a final touch, apply a moisturizer (at night right before you go to sleep) and you are ready! You’ll be perfectly cleansed after all this process.

You have already seen how to do this incredible skull makeup, but if you want to know other options and ideas we recommend this post that you might find interesting:

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