Halloween 2010 | Kids costumes

Although in the previous post we have given some suggestions to look spectacular in your Halloween costume 2010, we can not ignore the fact that this is perhaps one of the holidays the kids enjoy the most. All this in spite of this holiday being terrifying. In modaellas.com we would like to talk about Halloween and the various costumes children can wear for this special occasion.


Doesn’t matter if it’s for Carnival or for Halloween, children always want to dress as their favorite cartoon characters such as SpongeBob, or a famous superhero or as one of the Disney Princesses… But we should bare in mind that Halloween is a spooky holiday. Therefore, we should choose to dress them appropriately for the occasion.

We are certain your children will love the idea of ​​being able to pur on a costume this Halloween and go as a vampire, a ghost, a witch or even a witch, a wizard or a sorcerer.

You can also choose to let the kid, as we mentioned earlier, put on a costumes inspired by characters from movies or television. For instance, a current movie such as Despicable me can truly inspire us to actually create a costume that the children can wear and that imitates the main characters. You can also be inspired by the movie of the year, which is Toy Story 3.

Here we leave you a photogallery Halloween costumes for children:

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Halloween 2010 | Kids costumes
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