Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020

The most romantic day of the year arrives and we want to do everything possible so that you are not caught unawares. Next we will teach you the best hairstyles for Valentine 's Day 2020, very easy and fast to do. In addition, with our step by step guide of hairstyles for Valentine's Day 2020, […]

The most romantic day of the year arrives and we want to do everything possible so that you are not caught unawares. Next we will teach you the best hairstyles for Valentine ‘s Day 2020, very easy and fast to do. In addition, with our step by step guide of hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020, you will have no doubts that you are capable of doing all the hairstyles we will be suggesting throughout this article.

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020

You may have something in mind for this Valentine, to do with your partner or with friends… and if you do not know what hairstyle to choose, you can not miss out on our hairstyles suggestions for Valentine’s Day 2020. Our suggestions are based on the latest trends and, also, we like to show you some hairsyles that are easy and quick to do. Here at we never forget that everyone longs for that romantic touch, which is something that everyone looks for on Valentine’s Day.


Depending on the style and outfit you decide to wear that day, you must choose one hairstyle or another. That’s why we want to show you more than 60 images that can inspire you to find the perfect choice among all the hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 that we will be sharing with you throughout this article. You can choose between picked up hairstylehalf up hairstyles, hairstyles with braids and hairstyles with loose hair to show off your hair and make everyone fall in love with you this Valentine ‘s Day 2020.

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Picked up hairstyle

If you have chosen an outfit that shows your back a lot, such as a dress or a t-shirt of this style, the best thing in order to show it off is to make a picked up hairstyle. We do not have to make very elaborate pickups that are very complicated to do, nor do we have to choose a very formal pickup. It is best to choose a pickup that suits us, that is simple to do and that gives us a romantic touch for Valentine’s Day 2020. Do not miss all the ideas that we will show you next.


One of the trends of this year and every year for Valentine’s, are low pickups. They are not very romantic or very complicated to do, so it can be a great idea if you are not too cunning with hairstyles. If you want to make one like this, you only need a nice and thin tiara and roll the part that is below the tiara, as shown in the photo. An easy and quick hairstyle that will make you shine in Valentine’s Day 2020.


However, if you prefer a more elaborate Valentine’s hairstyle, we can also choose to wear more formal pickups. To do them yourself you have many options to choose from. One of them is to do it through rolled braids that you can do with the shape of a pickup, helping you with hairpins that are similar to the color of your hair so they will go unnoticed. Another very simple technique is to separate the part of the hair with which we are going to do the pick up, in two tufts, and make two small buns that we will unite to create one onlybun  with disheveled appearance.


You can also decide to make a queue, because it is the classic hairstyle and easier to do with which we never fail. To make your pickup look more romantic and look more elaborate, you can give volume to the top, carding the hair and applying lacquer, and you can also use the technique of making the queue and insert it between two tufts that we separate in the top, to turn it over and not to see the rubber and, moreover, to appear taller. Finally, to make it even more romantic, you can make small waves at the tips of the queue.


If you want to create a really romantic Valentine’s hairstyle, you can use tiaras or themed diadems with pearls, small diamonds or flowers, like the ones you see in the photographs above.


Finally if you want to bet on a messy, quick and easy to do hairstyle, you can make a bow like this. It is not at all complicated, and it gives us a perfect look for Valentine’s night.

If you want to see more photos of hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020, click on the following gallery:

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Braids

Inside the hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020, the star of all hairstyles is a braid. You should know braids are very romantic, so it is very common to use them to create our hairstyles for Valentine’s Day. Here are some very easy ideas to make Valentines 2020 hairstyles with braids.


For the youngest girls on this Valentine’s Day 2020, we can make a simple and delicate hairstyle with a small braid that takes tufts of the side, as the one shown in the picture above. If we want, we can give our final touch, like a bow or a flower at the end or in the center of the braid.


Another of the most classic Valentine’s hairstyle is the side braid hairstyle. It is a very romantic hairstyle and we can also complete it with other accessories such as flowers or tiaras. You can choose to do it from the root like this one you see up here or make it from the shoulder, so that it is looser and not so formal.


When making braids, we can make a classic braid or a braid of spike, which in recent years has been considered very fashionable. They are very simple to do and on Youtube we can find many tutorials on how to do them. They can be thin or broad, depending on the delicacy that we want to put on the hairstyle. For example, thin braids are more formal and elegant, whereas the broader braids are, the more casual they look.


With braids we can also make pickups as beautiful as this one. It is about making a braid from the root and then finishing up with a bow or a very romantic ponytail. With a few waves we can do with some foam, we give the final touch.


In this photo gallery we can find more braids for hairstyles for Valentine ‘s Day 2020:

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Loose hair

If you do not want to wear a hairstyle that’s too formal for this Valentine’s Day, we can wear our hair loose, but with some details that will make our hair look different and it will remain perfect for Valentine’s Day 2020.


The most romantic hairstyle for Valentine’s Day 2020 is wearing waves. We can make at the end of the hair this soft and delicate waves, and, with a half up hairstyle like the one we see on the side, will be perfect to celebrate this romantic holiday.


In hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 we can also use some classic and vintage ideas, such as these typical 1920’s waves. To do them, try to make waves with a pair of tongs or a hair iron and then give them a wider shape and marked them with a brush.


If you prefer something more wild and sexy for this date, apply a little foam on the hair when it is damp and dry it with diffuser upside down. Then you can give it a little shape with wax to comb. It will leave you a hairstyle with a lot of volume and really sexy.

In this gallery you can find more pictures of loose hair hairstyles for Valentine’s Day:

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Step by Step

Below we’ll show you some of our favorite Valentine’s Hairstyles 2020, and how to do them step by step. Some are more elaborate and others are simpler and quicker to do. However, you will be perfect with all of them for anything you might have planned for Valentine’s Day 2020.


Is there anything more romantic than a tie? To do this hairstyle, you need to make a small bow first, as you see in the photograph above. Then, open the bun in two locks and insert the end tips in the middle and pass it back to have a loop. If any locks are loose, you can pick it up with forks.


To make this hairstyle so simple and so fast, all we have to do is take with two gums, two different pigtails, one upper and one lower. With the upper ponytail, cover the ponytail below and open slightly to give it more volume and do not notice that we have another ponytail underneath. In this way, we will have a simple but more formal and more arranged queue for Valentine’s Day 2020.


Finally, do not forget the technique that we taught you at the beginning, to do a low collection in a very fast. Another way to do it is to help us with a finger, we wind all our hair and stick it to the nape of the neck helping us with hairpins.

Here you can see more pictures of hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020 step by step :

Photos of hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2020

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