Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine's Day is a day to feel beautiful and we are going to help you with that task. If you already have in mind the outfit you are going to wear and also the hairstyle, but you still do not know how to do your makeup, you went to the perfect place. In this article […]

Valentine’s Day is a day to feel beautiful and we are going to help you with that task. If you already have in mind the outfit you are going to wear and also the hairstyle, but you still do not know how to do your makeup, you went to the perfect place. In this article we will share with you the best makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020, with many ideas and photos so you can be inspired and choose what suits you better, to look perfect on the most romantic day of the year.

Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020

Ready to see the best makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020? We bring you lots of ideas, with very different styles and perfect for this day. It does not matter if you celebrate it early in the morning, or if you have dinner plans. Now let’s take a look at the day makeup for Valentine ‘s Day 2020 and the night makeup for Valentine ‘s Day 2020.

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To find the best make-up for Valentine’s Day 2020, we have selected the best eye makeup photos for this day, as well as the best lipstick makeup for Valentine ‘s Day 2020. From a very natural makeup to the deepest eyes or the sexiest lips, you can find all the answers in this article.

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Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Eyes

Valentine’s Day 2020 deserves to have a look that takes the breath of that significant other away. It does not matter if you like a natural eye makeup or if you prefer heavy makeup, you can seduce your date on Valentine’s Day either way with the tricks and ideas that we give you below.


Valentine’s Day is a very festive day and a day to celebrate the love we feel for others. This is why bright colors, diamonds, and metallic colors will always be welcome. This is what we love about this idea, that you need to find a wide range of cooper colors that will be your transition color, in order to apply a golden color over diamond. There are some eyeshadows that already have incorporated some glitter, but if you want it to be as dazzling as it is, follow the instructions below.

First you will need a more or less golden color to blend with our transition copper color, then apply glue for makeup (you can find it in specialized characterization shops, as well as in specialized makeup shops) and then apply, with a brush more or less thick and hard to the touch, makeup glitter (you can also find it in the stores that we mentioned before). This will leave a look as luminous as this. These shades of eye shadows look especially well on brown eyes, and look great if supplemented with a cat eyeliner. To give a more intense color, you can use fake eyelashes, and if you want something more comfortable and natural, you can choose to wear a little bit of mascara, applied after the eyelash curler.


The most used colors in makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020, are pink, purple and mauve eyeshadows, because they give us a more romantic look. You can use a pale range of pink transition colors and give it a little more intensity with more shades of vibrant pinks. A very good idea is this one that combines hot pink shades with black to give it more intensity. In order to do this, you only have to place the rose that you choose in the almond of the eye and the black in the eye socket, fading and blending both. As a transition color to fade pink with black, you can use a dark purple.


If you do not want to wear too many eye makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020, you can choose to wear a natural shadow and a simple outline. This way you can focus more on the lipstic for Valentine’s Day 2020, giving them more importance and using a more striking color like the chewing gum pink you see in the photograph above. We will talk about lipsticks for Valentine’s Day 2020 later. If you want to do your eye’s makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020, similar to the one you see here, you only need a nude color for the almond eye, a lighter color near the tear, such as white, a white eye pencil for the water line and a golden shade, light brown or discreet orange for the eye socket. The white color of the tear and water line will make your eye look much bigger. To finish, apply the eyeliner over the upper lashes and top with mascara.


For an outstanding look, take your feline side with a cat eye-line like this one you see here. To do this, you can help yourself with tape and mark where you want to start and finish your outline. For the eyeliner to be the center of our eyes, it uses very natural shades in nude and brown tones, so that all the attention is drawn to the outline.

You can see more makeup pictures for Valentine’s Day 2020 for the eyes here:

Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Lips

Now we go with the makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020 lips. Perfect lips are essential for Valentine’s Day 2020 because they have to make us look irresistible, sexy and romantic. In addition to that, our lipstic must endure all the kisses we will give to our friends, family and our couple that day. For this reason, we recommend that for this Valentine’s Day 2020 you choose a lipstick in matte color, that stays put for at least 12 hours and that does not stain. So you can go out to dinner, engage in a romantic kiss with your significant other and survive Valentine’s Day with perfect lips.


Red is the a classic color for Valentine’s Day 2020, so a nice red lips will always be a safe choice for this celebration. However, we can choose many different shades of reds. For example, if you are a blond or you have light brown hair, you can choose an orange-red lipstick that will highlight your hair color, as if you have a complexion. However, if you are more dark skinned and have dark brown hair, we recommend a lipstick in garnet or burgundy shades. For the brunette, with a pale complexion, nothing better than a deep red to look like a real Snow White.


If you are one of those who falls in love with natural looks, do not worry because in Valentine’s Day 2020 we also have a place for you. You can use pink colors, very close to the natural color of your lip and apply a few drops of lip gloss to make them look juicier.


And if you’re an hopeless romantic, Valentine’s Day 2020 is the perfect opportunity to use that pink bubble gum lipstic that you have not put on yet. To combine this striking and sweet lipstick, it is best to choose a more natural eye makeup and your lips will be the center of attention.


Finally, we did not want to miss out on the opportunity to show you a technique to make your lips look bulky, as well as more juicy. As you see in the picture above, step by step, you should use a darker color for the corners, a medium color to outline the lips, then apply the lipstick and in the center, apply a lighter shade of lipstic.

Here you can see more lipstic pictures for Valentine’s Day 2020:

Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020 step by step

If you are not an expert in makeup but want to look radiant this Valentine’s Day 2020, do not worry because then we show you how to make the makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020 step by step, with all the techniques, tips and colors that will suit you better.


Let’s start with the eyes and makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018 step by step. We will give you two options when it comes to eyes, we will give you two options for you to choose the one you like. The first is the one you see in the photograph above: very eye-catching, festive and very romantic eyes. To make this eye makeup you need a shade in golden color, a shade in green color, white shade, eyeliner, makeup glue and makeup diamond.

First we begin with the golden shades that we are going to apply in all the almond of the eye. If you want to give more depth to the eye, you can use different shades of the same range and apply the lighter ones in the almond of the eye and tear, then apply the darker ones in the eye socket. Then, under the water line we will apply green shade. To better match the eyelid’s gold, it’s best if you use a metallic or glossy green shade. Then make the outline that you like in the upper lashes and blend it with a brush to make it look smokey. Drag it to the lower lashes as you see in the image. The white color is to be used in the tear and so our eye seems larger.

Finally, we will apply the glue for makeup in all areas that we will apply the diamond. Finally, by tapping and using a hard brush, place the diamond. You can apply it on the eyelid and below the water line, but if you want the makeup to be cleaner, it is best to just use it on the eyelid.


The second option that we suggest as a possible makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020, has a more wild ring to it. To do this we will need a shade of pink or fuchsia, another shade of dark purple, black shadow, white shade with shine and eyeliner, preferably in pencil.

We will begin by applying the pink or fuchsia eyeshadow on the almond of the eye and a little above the eyelid. Then we will apply the black shadow to the end of the eyelid and in the eye socket, and with the dark purple color, which will be our transition color, we will blur the black with the pink, taking it up. Then, with the white shade, we apply it in the tearful way of intense. Next we delineate the upper lashes making, at the end of the eyelid, and with the help of a shadow, integrate and diffuse with the black shadow. In the lower eyelashes we also apply outlined, as well as in the water line and diffuse with a little bit of black shadow so that the outline lasts longer. We recommend using pencil eyeliner because it diffuses better and, with shadow powder in black, as we have applied, will last the whole day of Valentine’s Day 2020.


Another very important step regarding makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020 is to make our eyebrows look perfect. The first thing we have to do, obviously, is to wax the eyebrows as we usually do. Then, with a pencil of a color similar to your eyebrows, fill them with thin lines in the direction of how the hair grows. If you want natural eyebrows, that’s enough, but if you want them more marked and defined, you can mark with the same pencil a line at the bottom of the eyebrow to define where it ends.

Then with an eyebrow brush, peel up and then in the direction of the hair. Finally, use a little concealer to delineate and clean your eyebrow limits, and finally you can apply a little white shade right into the eyebrow arch to make it look taller.


Finally, for perfect lips in our makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020, you can use the technique that we have taught you before, and the best thing is that you can do it with all the shades you want and in the colors you like.

Here you can find more makeup pictures for Valentine’s Day 2020 step by step :

Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day 2020

Make-up-for-san-valentin tips Makeup-tips-for-san-valentin-colors

Photos of Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2020

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