Step-by-step witch halloween makeup

Halloween is a very special day in which we usually tend to dress up and wear a scary costume. Maybe we even put on some makeup that inspires fear. While going as a zombie is a common option, going as a witch is also a very popular choice. Therefore we want to show you how you can do a halloween witch makeup step by step.


How to make a good halloween witch makeup


If you want to find the perfect witch makeup for the next halloween, the first thing to do is try to age your face.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, if we think of a witch we all think of someone old, so the first thing we have to do is look old.

Choose the kind of witch you want to be

We can do our makeup with wrinkles that we can obtain with some foundation and dark shadow makeup, in order to create stripes that imitate the signs of age.

Witch with a green face


Another good idea for a witch makeup would be, for instance, to be inspired by witches of the fictional word, such as The Wizard of Oz. In this movie there was a witch that had a green face, and, of course, a wart. You can also think of becoming a modern witch.

This is perhaps the best known kind of witch makeup and that will easily give a simple and very good result. In fact, and, as you will see in the step by step instructions that are below, it is quite easy to look like the evil witch of the East.

Witch with lilac lips and lilac eyes


If this is your idea of a witch, we suggest you use a light foudation and you add some drawings or details that will allow you to wear a make-up that in combination with your costume seems like a dream come true.

Witch with branches


Knowing that witch makeup can be altered as we please, we have other options like the one you see above. A witch’s makeup is characterized by a white foundation, with marked black shadows in the eyes. What can you add? As you can see, there are branches that appear to be coming from the eyes. You can try it.

These branches are like veins or twigs that grow inside your face. The best part of it all is that they not only look good and give a much more dramatic appearance, but they also are very easy to do.

If you want to make these ramifications a part of your disguise, all you have to do is grab an eyeliner and start drawing them. From the eyes up to the forehead, we draw small and soft lines that will allow us to cover our faces entirely, achieving such a spectacular result.

Wicked-inspired witch


Maleficent is one of the best known witches right now. Her costume has been quite popular for a couple of years now and her makeup it’s still a save bet if you want to be among the best witches this Halloween.

As we will see later, step by step, this witch makeup has a green foundation.

It should be a soft layer, like a clay mask, and then we put some fuchsia, lilac or purple lipstic on.

We should also do our eyes makeup in a different color. We recommend that the eye area is not covered in green foundation. You can, thus, use your lilac eye shadow to cover the whole upper eyelid, also outlining the eye so that our gaze is deeper.

Witch inspired by the black swan


Here we’d like to show you another Halloween witch makeup that can be an inspiration. It is true that the Black Swan was not a witch, but the looks are perfect for what we want.

With our witch costume we can do a make-up, like the one on the picture, that’s pretty creepy and, therefore, perfect for Halloween.

It consists of applying white foundation that covers your face, put some red lips and put black eye shadow all over the eyes, as if they were kind of swan eyes.

Now, having taken into account every option, let’s see how to do a witch makeup step by step. Oh, and if you decide to choose one of these witch makeups, let us know if you were happy with the result. Shall we?

Step-by-step Halloween witch makeup


We have chosen the green-faced witch model because it seems ideal for a night like Halloween, and because it is probably the most successful of all. Without a doubt, the most traditional.

Green is the color of the foundation that you are going to need. In fact, it is also the one we are going to use as an eyeshadow, although we won’t apply as much foundation in this area. There are several steps to follow, but the procedure is very simple, so you can have it done in a matter of minutes.

1-Apply the foundation


If you want to bet on a «look» that is as natural as possible, in spite of the green face, it’s best to start by applying a tiny bit of your daily makeup foundation. Why is that? Well, doing this you will be able to even the foundation of your face as much as possible, just before adding the green makeup foundation. You can use a moisturizing cream instead if you like, such as a «BB Cream», which also helps to give us some color and unify it.

We then apply the green foundation. You should be aware of the fact that there are several types of foundation: stick, liquid or cream foundation. The best one is the cream foundation, since you can apply it easily and you don’t need to use too much, therefore, it will last longer.

Remember that you should also apply green foundation on the cheek gaps, the sides of the nose, along the hairline and along your jaw line.

2-Apply green powders

To upgrade your makeup you can also apply a little bit of green powder. Be sure not to drag the powder makeup, apply the powder with a soft and thick brush, which will spread the powder better.

3-Eyes makeup


Now it’s time to do the eyes. You should use a soft fluffy eye shadow brush to add an emerald green shade to the outer corners of the eyes and in the inner corners along the bridge of the inside of the nose. Then add a shadow that is somewhat darker and you should apply it in the line of the lower tabs. Now add a shade of a shimmering gold shade in the inner corners of the eyes and on the rest of the eyelid, and draw the line of the upper and lower lashes with a black eyeliner.

You can put on false eyelashes in order to give your eyes the final touch.

4-Make up eyebrows

It is better to draw attention to your eyebrows. In order to do so, use a pencil to make very pronounced and dramatic arches.

You can apply a pencil that has a color similar to gold, which will give you a much more terrifying effect. You must outline and draw the eyebrow arch, from the lower corners to the inside of your eyes.

5-Contour face

It also adds more dimension to the contour of the face by applying an emerald green shadow for all contoured areas such as the holes of the nose, hairline or neck.

You can also sharpen these areas, if you add a lime green shadow that can also be used for the cheekbones (to make the cheekbones look taller), the bridge of the nose, the chin and between the eyebrows.

6-Make-up of the lips


Last but not least, the line of the lips will be marked with a purple eyeliner that may well be an automatic eye and lip pencil and then adds a shimmering lavender eye shadow that you can apply on the lower and upper lip.

Surely you will find lipstick in the same purple tone, but it is better an eye shadow, since the effect it creates on the lips is much more intense and is much more dramatic.


You are ready to go! You already have the perfect, simple, quick witch makeup for this Halloween. The only item that you are missing is the hat, so we recommend you buy one.

To give you more ideas, we also leave a video, which shows how you can do a different Halloween witch makeup.


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