More than 25 homemade original Carnival costumes 2018 | Easy to make

Carnival is just around the corner and shortly we will have the opportunity to go back to disguise ourselves as we did in Carnival. That is why in we want to show you new ideas and share some suggestions, as well as photos, to be able to get more homemade costumes for next October […]

Carnival is just around the corner and shortly we will have the opportunity to go back to disguise ourselves as we did in Carnival. That is why in we want to show you new ideas and share some suggestions, as well as photos, to be able to get more homemade costumes for next October 31. This is why, in we will be talking about homemade Carnival costumes 2018. That way you can make yourself the best costume to help you scare everyone on the most terrifying night of the year.


Easy homemade costumes for Carnival 2018

Throughout this article we are going to show you a lot of costumes for this Carnival 2018. If you are looking for inspiration, stay right here! In addition, you will find costumes very easy to make or get, but above all, we will show you homemade costumes for Carnival.

We will not only suggest the costume itself, but we will show you some costumes that are more elaborate than others. It will always be according to your skills (and desire) to sew. There will also be other costumes that won’t even need us to thread a needle. However, makeup will also play an important role regarding your final result and helping you achieve a terrifying look for the most terrifying night of the year. Whether you are one of those people who’d rather be very scared or you are one of those people that simply love to put on a costume and are always looking for an excuse to do so, you better keep reading this article!

Easy Homemade Costumes for Carnival 2018 | Addams Wednesday

One of the great classics of the cinema is The Addams Family. This curious family has left us unforgettable moments, both comical and unsettling. They also share with us great life lessons and tried not to stick to the status quo. However, what concerns us now is the impressive looks The Addams Family left us for Carnival.


For instance, the one we suggest above. The Wednesday Addams (Wednesday Addams) costume is the easiest to get. With this costume you’ll be quite comfortable during the night of Carnival, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for a simple and cheap home costume, and do not want to wear too much makeup, your ideal costume is Wednesday Addams. We will now explain how to do it!

You only need black clothes, whether it’s a long sleeve dress and short skirt, or short skirt and black sweater. The most important thing is that everything is black and that you can carry a white collar, either peak or rounded, as shown in the image. There are jerseys that simulate this effect of the beak, there are also collars you can put on and, of course, white-collar shirts.

To finish the Wednesday Addams look, you can complete it with long braids (if you have short hair, put on a wig or extensions), do your makeup with a white foundation and use a purple or black lipstick, as you wish, and lastly, wear smooth dark stockings or stripes.

Easy Homemade Costumes for Carnival 2018 | Corpse bride

Another one of the most original homemade costumes for Carnival 2018 is the corpse bride. For this costume you will need more things, since it is more elaborate. However, you will find it equally easy to find everything.


For the costume itself you only need a white dress, maybe a ball gown, although you can always make it yourself. Keep in mind that for a costume you do not need the dress to be the most beautiful dress in the world. You can choose to wear a purple wig or you can paint or spray your own hair to make it look purple. To complete the costume, you can add a veil, a diadem of flowers and some carnival stockings.

The most important thing about the corpse bride costume is the makeup. You can actually take the picture we show you as a point of reference. Doesn’t it sound great?

Homemade Carnival costumes for women 2018

You might find interesting the following article, which has a tutorial and the best photos of Carnival makeup for women and children:

Horror makeup for Halloween 2018

We may find inspiration through different means when it comes to create our homemade costume for Carnival 2018. It can either be through television (for instance, we can choose to be inspired by a Game of Thrones costume), cinema or choose a terrifying outfit, such as a vampire costume or a zombie costume.


The only thing we need to do is get inspired. If we are unsure and don’t know what to dress up like, there is nothing like going on the Internet where we are sure to get the best outfits. Once you have chosen what you want to wear, it will be easier to start designing the relevant costume. First of all you take a look at home to see if you have clothes that you can use. For example, you might want to go as a «sexy kitten» because you have a tight top, a corset or corsage and a black skirt (as we see in the photo above). In this case you would only need to put some makeup on and a cat headband. You will soon realize that life can be easier and things don’t have to be so complicated.

With a little bit of wit we won’t need to spend so much money on a costume, all the more so if we sew. If we do not have anything at home, we can buy any fabric that is similar to the character we want to look alike and we can start creating the costume little by little. The fabrics bought by meters are not usually very expensive so let’s do it! Then we will start having an idea of what we can go as this Carnival 2018.


As we’ve already mentioned, the best option is to look for inspiration on the Internet and thus, for example, we can make a costume like the one you see above, inspired in the 80’s. Being honest, it will not take you too long to do it since this decade is once again in style and also all the elements we see above are quite easy to find.


Another idea that seems original and not so difficult to create: a minion costume. That you can do with a simple denim jacket (either pants or skirt), a yellow sweatshirt, a cap of the same color and glasses you can buy in any costume or shop.


The skeleton costume is ideal for Carnival and if we give it some thought it is quite easy to get. You need some leggings and a black top or a onesie that you can paint. In fine art shops you can share white paint that can be used, in particular, to paint or draw in clothes. You can paint the clothes yourself following some tutorials like the ones we now show you and with the clothes we suggest, which will give you a terrifying look for Carnival.

Makeup for Carnival costumes 2018


There are some homemade costumes that may be very easy to make because the key factor is the makeup. Let’s take a look now at some examples like this doll costume. If you look at the dress, we can see that is relatively simple to create the outfit because we only need an apron and a shirt. The complicated part will be the makeup. However, it is not that hard to get, you just need a white foundation, a red lipstick, freckles on the cheeks, and black and white eye makeup and a pair of contact lenses.


You can also choose to be a » kitten» this Carnival 2018, like the one we saw before. Now we will just focus on the makeup. In order to do so, you can do for example, a makeup like the one you see above, with a cat headband that you can buy (or do) in any  store, with a body or a T-shirt and black leggings.

Here we show you another ​​makeup idea for a homemade costume as simple as the scarecrow. This costume requires only a denim jacket, a checked shirt, some straw and a hat, as you see in the image above. As these are relatively easy to have at home, or to get, the most «complicated» bit will be the makeup, but it will not be too complicated.

You need some fantasy orange makeup and a black pencil. With these you can do the makeup we see above. You can draw lines that make you look like a doll, and paint your nose and cheekbones in orange.


Carnival is a celebration that allows us to actually go as ourselves or go as whatever we want. The clown costume is recurrent but if you make a makeup like the one you see in this photo is perfect for everyone to congratulate you on your costume.

The white foundation on the face is the key to the makeup that is then completed with red on the nose, mouth and to paint the cheekbones, black to go over eyebrows and eyes and color like blue to make those little triangles on The eyebrow and under the lower eyelid.
Finally we show you how you can make a bunny costume quite quickly. What might surprise you the most is that it is made out of a T-shirt.

Video of a homemade Carnival costume for women 2018

Carnival is almost here and, although you surely have an idea in your head of what costume you want to wear this year, we want to share with you some suggestions. We can make the following outfits ourselves, with different influences and inspirations. In, we will introduce some of the most stylish homemade costumes for Carnival 2018: ideas, trends… And we will also be explaining how to do other makeups that can go with your costume.


Stylish costumes for Carnival 2018

Halloween Costumes

Although we can take advantage of this Carnival 2018 and «recycle» the costume that we already wore some other Carnival. In order to do so, we can give it a different style, but we also want to share with you many other ideas that don’t require you to spend too much money. These costume ideas are original suggestions that we can perfectly do at home. For example, with a good vampire makeup we will not have to try too hard when it comes to the costume.

Fashionable Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2015

You might find interesting the following article with a tutorial and the best photos of Carnival makeup for women and children that might also be useful for this Carnival:

Carnival makeup

If we are thinking about dressing up for Carnival and wearing something good, there is nothing better than choosig outfits that you can do by yourself and that you can find the materials, fabrics, clothes and makeup you need easily. The homemade costume possibilities are endless, although there is no need to have to make our lives complicated if we follow the steps and know how to do it.

Halloween Costumes-look-zombie

In fact, making a homemade costume is perhaps a good choice if we want to save money. Furthermore, it also allows us to create whatever costume or outfit we might have in mind. And, by the way, if we usually do ourselves the makeup and hairstyle for Carnival… Why can’t we try making the costume as well? Surely many of the clothes that you already have in your closet, can be «customized» so that they become the outfit of our dreams. Let’s see what examples we have when it comes to perfect outfits for next month (February) and also outfits that may be inspired by celebrity influencers.


Homemade Carnival costumes usually cover all kind of outfits. This includes costumes that may be terrifying, as well as quite realistic. In order to be scary, many of them have something that is key: teared clothes, stained clothes or makeup.

Let’s look now at some ideas on how to make the best homemade costumes for the Carnival of 2018.

Pirate costume for Carnival 2018


We will start off with a rather simple costume, but also quite popular when Carnival arrives. We are obviously talking about a pirate costume that we can put together with a white blouse, a white skirt and the appropriate accessories.

If we are inspired by the image we see above, we can create this costume by wearing one of those white shirts without sleeves and a long skirt. It can be striped like the one in the photo or be in black or burgundy. You will also need boots (or high heeled boots) and if you want you can add a black vest.

In a costume shop, and without spending too much money, we can buy a headscarf that matches the color of the skirt, a patch for one eye, and a pirate sword or a gun.

We will show you how to do the makeup for this type of costume. You can choose to watch this tutorial that we show you now.

Homemade cowgirl costume for Carnival 2018


Nothing easier to put together than a shirt or blouse and some jeans so you can be a cowgirl this Halloween. Some people do not have much time to think about a costume. All the more so if we have children and they are the ones who demand our full attention for these kind of parties. Anyway, we still have to wear a costume and, therefore, we suggest the following: for you to be a simple cowgirl.

Wear tight jeans, boots, a blouse like the one you see above (or similar) and you are ready to go! You just need to add the essential accessories such as the cowboy hat, the vest, the belt and the gun. Do that and you will look perfect. The good thing about a costume that’s extremely easy to do is that you just have to do your hair and makeup. You can actually wear your hair loose or pinned up. Just bare in mind you will be wearing a cowgirl hat.

Homemade zombie costume for Carnival 2018

Halloween Costumes-disfraz-de-zombie

The zombies are in style (thanks to series such as » The Walking Dead «) and it is also a frequently chosen costume for Carnival but it can also be worn next Carnival, 2018. To achieve the look of the picure above is easy, since it will involve wearing clothes that are shattered. Whether it’s a dress or jeans and a T-shirt, the key is to rip the clothes, stain them and throw a little artificial blood in them as well.


Perhaps the difficulty lies in the makeup. There are several tutorials and videos on the Internet for this, but the key’d be to get a very pale foundation for the face, some artificial blood and dark eyeshadows to be able to draw dark circles and that you look haggard. The best thing you can do is wear a dirty messy hair.

Another very good option for the hair is that you leave it without washing for at least a week, then you card your hair properly and then apply some powder throughout the hair so that you look like as you’ve been a zombie for a very long time.

Heroine costume for Halloween 2018


Who does not like being a superhero? Like them, we also love to go around saving lives and the truth is that now that movies and series with comic heroes are so trending… Why not trying to do a costume by ourselves? Let’s try to put together a Wonder Woman costume. We’d just need a black t-shirt, red leggings or socks, and a blue skirt or tutu. There is no much more that this costume might require.
This type of costume is also appropriate if you want to try a couple’s costume. Your boyfriend or your husband can go dressed as a Superman or any other superhero. You can even show it off with your children.

Nurse costume for Halloween 2018


The nurse costume is another perfect Halloween costume, although the truth is that this costume always has a sexy meaning so if you want to look similar to what we see in the photo above, you will need a short well adjusted white dress. You can do it yourself with some red tape, you can cut two pieces and glue them in the chest area as if it were the symbol of the red cross.

You will also need some see through stockings that go up to the thigh, some high heels and in a costume shop you can buy the cap of nurse that you put on the head and even a briefcase or some accessory relevant and appropiate regarding the costume.

Witch costume for Halloween 2018

Halloween Costumes-disfraz-de-bruja

The witch costume is also very simple to get, you just need a skirt or a dark dress that looks ragged in addition to getting a makeup that helps you draw dark circles, maybe staining your teeth and, of course, a hat that you will find in any store or that you can do at home with some cardboard. This is a frequent costume but also one of the most effective and convincing ones when it comes to celebrate Halloween.


You can also decide to use a green foundation, like the photo above of the Wizard of Oz witch, and wear a black and long coat with a matching hat.

Animal costume for Halloween 2018


The costume of an animal or a fantasy character that is an animal, like Minnie, is also perfect for us to do for ourselves this upcoming Halloween. Choose a shirt or top in red, black skirt with polka dots, or black leggings with moles, white gloves and mouse ears. You’ll look perfect!

Halloween vampire costume 2018

Halloween Costumes-disfraz-de-vampiresa

The vampire costume can be achieved with a layer,fake teeth and nothing more since the clothes will go according to taste. Although usually the vampires wear a tight black dress.


The important thing is to do our makeup perfectly, which can be quite simple as long as you have fake fangs and a little bit of artificial blood.

Video on how to do a vampire’s makeup

In addition to these costumes that we can define as the «typical»ones, there are other costumes that are a little bit more «complicated» or that you will not find in stores. For instante, trying to imitate the style of someone famous. For this you will have to use all your wit and be observant regarding how they look like when they appear in music videos, television or movies.

Famous costumes to do at home for Halloween 2018

Lady GaGa Costume


Lady GaGa is a singer that is in style right now. Fortunately, she has many «looks» we might be able to imitate. For instance, she’s been a blonde with bangs and has wore a dress made from various dolls or stuffed animals. Therefore, we can copy that dress we just mentioned and that she wore, which was based on frog Gustavo dolls). We can also imitate that «look» that allows us to put a can in our head and create a hairstyle and to wear lingerie. We can actually see this outfit in the «Bad Romance» music video.

Rihanna Costume


You can either wear a red wig or dye your hair red, wear military boots and a dress that mimics those of the current princess of pop. In doing all this, you may look like you are wearing one of Rihanna’s outfits.

Britney Spears costume


Although Lady GaGa has stolen from Britney the «princess of pop»title, Britney is always a good choice if we want to create an easy homemade costume. What do you think of copying her schoolgirl look of the «one more time» music video?

Miley Cyrus costume


Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous yet controversial celebrities there are, and the truth is that she continues to create a lot of controversy thanks to her style. Thus, this Halloween 2018 we will be seeing a lot of her outfits because many will try to mimic her style and the outfit she wore in the awards. You can be Miley just by wearing a body and flat shoes, such as the ones we see in the picture above.

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