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Carnival 2018 is almost here, a party in which we can all go as ourselves or wear the disguise that we like. If the costume is original much better. In we want to help you choose the Carnival costume for this 2018 and we also give you some ideas so you can do it yourself, […]

Carnival 2018 is almost here, a party in which we can all go as ourselves or wear the disguise that we like. If the costume is original much better. In we want to help you choose the Carnival costume for this 2018 and we also give you some ideas so you can do it yourself, so that you can save some money. Up next, the best costumes for Carnival 2018 | Women.

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Carnival 2018 Women’s Costumes

Carnival 2018 is almost here and we are all giving some thought to what the best Carnival costume will be, especially if we plan to go to a party or stay with friends to celebrate the party. Maybe what we are looking for is a well known costume for Carnival 2018. Some of the following could be of use, like the one we are going to see as sheep. We can be a family of lambs too.

Carnival 2018 women’s costumes | Sheep

Among the costumes of Carnival 2018 for women we should highlight this one, since it is super original, funny, simple and very cool to go as a sheep, we must admit. To be a good sheep, all we need is wool or woolen fabric, some ears to add to our cap, black clothes and a very light makeup. Everything else will not need to change or hide. We can go the way we are.

Halloween Costumes-Halloween-Woman-2016-Sheep

Let’s talk now about what the female sheep costume for Carnival has. First we must pay attention to the wool, since it is an essential part of the costume. With wool (white wool), we can make a hat and a dress, we can even cover some of our clothes with wool, we can go in a full costume or just part of it. Actually, the important thing is to see wool on the body and head (to which we add a pair of sheep’s ears) but the rest is optional.

As for the makeup, it will suffice that we draw a few dots on the upper lip and paint the tip of the nose in black, as well as draw a line that goes from this to the top of the upper lip. We can paint our lips pink or red, as we like. And with these simple steps we will have a makeup to go as a sheep for Carnival 2018.

Carnival 2018 women’s costumes | White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)

This other Alice in Wonderland white rabbit costume for Carnival is great. All the costume itself is very cool, and we can find it in costume stores, both physical and online, but surely in the latter will be much easier to find.


As the only complement you can not miss is the cup for tea, you can always carry a real white cup or use a paste, plate included. Also, make sure that the shoes go well with the set, as well as the stockings if we put together the costume. In any case, you can always take the idea to a dressmaker and ask her to do it, it is  surely not very complicated. This way the costume could follow the shape of your body and you could choose for yourself the colors or the prints of the fabrics.

You should always have a trick up on your sleeve, which in this case is a good makeup to dress up as the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland for Carnival 2018, whether you prefer it to be a simple one or if you are inspired by the rabbits or the Mad Hatter.

Carnival Costumes 2018 | Woman

Halloween Costume 2015

For Carnival 2018 we can choose all kinds of costumes, focusing on scary or fantasy costumes. Don’t forget to complement them with the best makeup ideas. With all this you will get a very particular look that will surprise everyone and will help you celebrate the most original Carnival of all.

You may think that costumes such as a fairy, a witch or a vampire are repetitive, since they are the most popular whenever Carnival arrives, so you can always look for other more original costumes or choose those that allows us to be someone else for a while, even if the costume is not scary. The decision is yours and you will see how there are many options and ideas.

It is a matter of taste, although we at want to give you some options that we hope will be useful and can make this 2018 Carnival the most special one yet, not only with the best costumes but also including those costumes that are trending.

Along with this we can not forget the Horror makeup for Halloween 2018 , which is also important. This can be key when it comes to making you succeed on Carnival night. A costume can never be the spectacular without the proper makeup and the perfect hairsyle.

Let’s see our suggestions regarding costumes for this Carnival 2018 and we hope you can share with us your Carnival experience. We hope you have fun!

Maleficent costume for Carnival 2018

Halloween Costume for Halloween 2015

Just because you want your costume to surprise everyone or to scare them off, does not mean that we can not find a costume with style and elegance. What do you think about a costume such as the stepmother of Disney? A black dress, a heavy makeup and a hat like the one you see in the photo and you are sure to impress everyone.


Also recently the movie «Maleficent» was in theaters and we can copy the look of Angelina Jolie that gave birth to the evil stepmother. In the photos you see how the actress looked and how she was dressed. Are you afraid?

The key is to go in black and wearing a very tight dress, the hat with the horns is something else you must take into account. You can choose to buy it or if you want to do it yourself we can find out how to do it through this video.

Witch Costume for Carnival 2018

Witch Costume-Evil-for-Halloween-2014

You can also go disguised as an evil witch. Do your makeup and draw your face green, put on a long skirt, a tight jacket to complement and buy a witches hat.

The witches will be very popular for Carnival 2018 but also when Carnival arrives. This is why we can find different «versions», depending on if you want to go more classic like the photo above or you want to try something more daring as in the image that you see below.

Halloween Costumes-2010-witch-woman-evil-and-sexy

Another style of witch costume is this one. The one of a somewhat sexier witch in a nearly broken dress, stockings and a makeup that looks spectacular. This dress can be bought like any other costume, in specialized shops and on the internet, but the truth is that you can also do it at home. All you need is a stockings of a grid, a long dress or you can break to make it more sexy and, of course, a good hat that you can buy.

Fairy Costume for Carnival 2018

Halloween Costumes-Halloween-2016-Woman-Fairy Costume

The fairy costume is another good option if you want to put on a costume this Carnival 2018. It can be an original costume, a traditional one or even a slightly sexy costume. One of those surely will convince you. You can choose to wear a short dress like the one you see in the picture above, in green, and put on some wings, then you do the appropriate fantasy makeup for this type of costume. You will definitely look great.

Halloween Costumes-Halloween-2016-Woman-Fairy Costume-MAQUILLAJE

To make a fairy makeup that looks according to your costume, you must choose above all, eye shadows that are of a color similar to the dress, in this case green. Put a little bit of eyeshadow, apply a little bit of lip gloss, and a little bit of blush on the cheeks. All this will give us a more fancy and original touch. There is nothing like choosing fake eyelashes, like the ones you see above, which they’re usually sell at fancy dress stores.

Ghost costume for Carnival 2018

Halloween Costume-for-Halloween-2014-

Ghost costumes are quite popular in Carnival. Far from choosing to wear a sheet with a few holes for the eyes, you can choose to wear a costume such as the one you see above. Choose a gauze dress and put on a hood and a makeup that is paler and you will look perfect to scare everyone the night of Carnival.

Carnival Costume 2018

Halloween Costumes-Halloween-2016-Woman-Pirate Costume

Another good idea is to become a pirate for a day. The good thing about this disguise is that it’s really simple if you want to do it for yourself. You will need a short skirt, or you can wear it with some good leggings that are made of leather, boots or high heels and as we see above, a striped shirt. As accessories you can add a red scarf that you tie at the waist and another for the head, or you can buy a pirate cap at any costume shop.

To do your makeup for this costume, it is a good idea to bet on intense eyeshadows or even choose to do the eyes so they look smokey.

Carnival Bride Costume 2018

Halloween Costume for Halloween 2015

The bride costume can be a great idea for a Carnival, but if you choose the corpse bride costume you will surprise everyone. By the way, this type of costume has also been quite popular in recent years and although we know that this makeup is the key to leave everyone speachless, the truth is that the costume itself is quite simple.

The only thing that is really needed, as we see with the photo above, is a short white dress (although it can also be long) that you can «shred» a little. That is to say that it will not be difficult to break it, or that we paint some gratings like we see above, as if they were seams. It is also a good idea to stain it a bit to make it more realistic.

Finally do not forget to add a veil, as a complement and a bouquet, which is essential for any bride. These elements also need to be a little bit «shattered».

Carnival Avengers Costume 2018 | The Black Widow


Guys are very addicted to superhero costumes, but we can also be a heroine of action or comic in this Carnival 2018. For instance, we can choose to dress as the character of The Black Widow in «The Avengers».

We can either buy this costume or  we can choose to do it ourselves. With a full bodysuit, or jeans and body in black and tight fitting. The key is the red hair, like the one that Scarlett Johansson wears in the movie «The Avengers». In order to look like her, you can buy a red wig, which will be fast and functional or do something more daring and dye your hair. A third option would be to buy a red spray and paint your hair red for Carnival. When you have finished the party you just have to wash your hair!

Batgirl Costume for Carnival 2018


The Batgirl is another good costume if you want to be a superheroine this Carnival. You can choose to buy the costume at a costume shop, or on the contrary, you can try to do it at home. If you choose the second option, the best thing you can wear are good leggings and a tight black top. You can sew the Batgirl symbol on your chest, you add a matching belt and of course, you put on a cape.


On the other hand you can buy a mask to complete your costume, although you can also choose to draw a bat as the symbol of this heroine, as we see in the image above. So your costume and makeup will be much more original. Put some red lipstic on.

Schoolgirl zombie costume for Carnival 2018

Zombie-schoolgirl-for-halloween-2014-women's costumes

The zombie costume is perfect for Carnival but if you also add a sexy touch, you are making sure you will be the center of attention of the party. Have you thought about being a schoolgirl who has turned into a zombie? You will need a school uniform, a pigtail hairstyle and, of course, you will need to do your makeup as a zombie.

For the zombie makeup it is essential, above all, to have a white foundation and that you draw the eyes with either dark circles, or you do your cheekbones makeup in order to look emaciated, you can also paint a few drops of blood as if you finished eating one of your victims.

Frozen Carnival costume 2018

Fancy-for-Halloween-2014 Costume

«Frozen» is one of the most successful films of recent times and its characters have become so fashionable that we can also choose to be Ana, Elsa and even the snowman Olaf for this 2018 Carnival.

These costumes can be made at home, although it will be easier to get the look of the original characters if you buy at some costume shop that offers many of their products taking advantage of this celebration.

Anyway, if you have dresses in shades like blue, fuchsia or white, you can try to make a homemade Frozen costume or at least get something similar to what we show you in this video:

Carnival pictures 2018 | Woman

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